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Australia not ready for Chinese tourism boom

2017/10/11 17:30:48
Former Victorian premier John Brumby has rejected concerns about China's influence in Australia higher education sector, while at the same time warning that Australia is not ready for a massive boom in Chinese tourism.

The report, conducted with LEK Consulting and Trade Victoria, observed that more than a million Chinese tourists visited Australia last year and spent USD 9.2 billion, underscoring the deepening economic and trade relationship.

However, Australia's ability to handle the projected Chinese tourist boom has been highlighted as a concern, with a China Readiness Score reading only 65 out of 100.

John Brumby pointed to recommendations urging better Mandarin signage, improved transport and the availability of Chinese payment options like Alipay.

Mr Brumby said Australia's accommodation sector is particularly under pressure from the expected boom in Chinese tourist numbers,

"We're not really ready. We've had issues with Chinese new year when you get 150,000 or 200,000 tourists and the hotels struggle," Mr Brumby said.

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